True World Foods

Everything is good. Just wanted you guys to know that your outfit is 1st class.

Appreciate it.

Scott Howard
General Manager
True World Foods
Livonia, MI

I just wanted to write you to tell you how happy we are with the NEC UC Suite that CTI installed. It has so many features that have helped our business! The Phone Number Details Reporting (cradle to grave feature) has been great for tracking how we handle individual calls. The ability to know which agents are available at a glance is already saving us tons of time. The Abandoned Calls feature is allowing us to regularly capture work that we previously would have just lost. That alone has been worth the money spent we've on the product.

We have also been very impressed with Jennifer Hunter. Although there were bumps in the road, she was always there for us. Jennifer is very responsive and jumps all over whatever issues we have. She's answered all of our questions (and there were many) and left us with a phone system that is truly helping our business succeed.

Thank you and the entire CTI staff for all of your hard work on this project. CTI has been a great partner to Goyette for many years and we look forward to continuing that for many years to come!

Jimmy Chuchvara
Service Operations Manager
Goyette Mechanical Service Department

Ingrid C. Ream, CTC, Superior Travel Service, Inc

Well, I wasn't sure if we were going to get here, but Quentin has solved our issues...its been 24 hours and we haven't dropped any calls or any clients complaining of not being able to hear us! What a huge sigh of relief for us, it has been very frustrating. Quentin has been phenomenal in figuring out solutions and has to be one of the most patient persons I have met. I know our situation had to be very frustrating for Quentin, and also for Jason who tried to help us also. And you have bigger clients out there with bigger problems I am sure than what we were dealing with but they were always so kind and understanding of our frustrations and sincerely cared about getting to the bottom of our problem.

We will definitely continue to call CTI for our IT needs!

Ingrid C. Ream, CTC
Superior Travel Service, Inc
Serving Genesee & Lapeer Counties with Offices in Fenton, Davison, Grand Blanc, & Lapeer

Crown Point Endo & Surgery Center

Please be advised over the Thanksgiving Holiday (4 days) the Provation server in the basement suffered a hard drive failure. The failure was monitored by "Level Platforms" a software feature we had installed via CTI a couple of years ago to monitor our equipment for just such failures.

The above said we experienced NO data loss as there are 4 or 5 hard drive units that share the vast amount of data we send the server each day.

SCENARIO: Left unreported or unnoticed when a hard drive fails the data is crunched in to the remaining operational hard drives as another drive fails the same crunch thing happens until the data can no longer be completely saved due to lack of storage space. Here is where the "Level Platforms" monitoring and notification software can prevent a catastrophic data loss and it may have just done that for us by sending an ALERT notice to CTI.

Just so you're aware of things that protect your business interest while you sleep or spend Thanksgiving with family.

Crowne Point Endo & Surgery Center
Flint, MI

Crown Point Endo & Surgery Center

Our compliments to CTI for working diligently to kill/remove this nasty cryptowall virus from our network and devices. Although a work still in process it would appear your efforts have paid off preventing additional damage to valuable devices and information.

Steven receives my direct thanks as he led the charge here on site. His efforts and experience certainly limited the virus from spreading to other network locations. Thanks again to all involved.

Crowne Point Endo & Surgery Center
Flint, MI


The install people: Dale, Tracy and Jennifer did a excellent job installing our NEC SV9100 phone system.
When they left everything was working. Bob even likes the system and said they a great job.

Thank You,
Precision Coatings, Inc.
Walled Lake, MI

Signature Truck Systems

We are extremely happy with the NEC SV8100 and look forward to the new PRI service when it becomes available. Jennifer and Dale are exceptional at what they do and are very knowledgeable with the system. The training they provided on a personal level to each employee was priceless, and each employee commented to me on how much they appreciated it. The day following the installation, I was in one of the bays helping a tech, and the owner of the company came out and gave me a physical pat on the back and expressed his gratitude for a job well done. He couldn't believe how seamless the transition was. In my opinion Jennifer and Dale were as well prepared as they could have been upon arrival for the install, and were very quick at sending the supporting help documents when they left. In this crazy world we live in, it's nice to see there are still people who take pride in their work, and it shows through to each and every person they come in contact with. Congratulations on a job well done! We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank You,
Jeremy Ross
Jeremy Ross Signature
Signature Truck Systems
Clio, MI

Aladdin's Cleaning and Restoration

I wanted to take a moment and touch base with you regarding my experience today with a CTI service call.

We switched our phone service from AT&T to Charter, and today was the day of the switch. We transferred our calls to our answering service per Charter's instruction while their tech performed the install. Towards the end of Charter's visit, Brian from your company arrived to take care of the things he was responsible for. At some point after Brian's arrival, we realized that no incoming calls were making it to our office OR to the answering service.

As you know, we are an emergency service. If someone calls us while standing in the middle of a basement full of water and we don't answer, they are on to the next company. The difference between getting and not getting a call can mean the loss of thousands of dollars. As soon as we realized something was wrong, Brian began scrambling to try and fix the situation. He understood the severity of it and what it meant to our business. As it turns out, the error was one on Charter's part and had nothing to do with what Brian was doing. Brian, however, was the one who made sure it was fixed.

The list of things that didn't go well as far as Charter is concerned is long, and too complicated for me to explain since telecommunications are not my area of expertise. What I do know is that Brian took the time to make sure EVERYTHING was as it should be. He was efficient, thorough and professional throughout his visit. I'm quite certain that a lot of what he did was supposed to have been done by the Charter rep. (and wasn't). Brian wasn't concerned with just "doing his job", but instead with "making sure the job was done right". He even got on the phone with Charter to speak with their customer service rep and make sure that everything was set up as it needed to be before he left.

I'm sure you are aware of what an asset Brian is to your company, but wanted to make sure you knew that we thought so too!
Tracy Goulet
Aladdin's Cleaning & Restoration
Lapeer, MI

Cason Home Loans

I just wanted to say thank you to you and the staff who came out and helped us get our phones set up. They were all very helpful in making sure things starting running smoothly. I especially wanted to point out that Brian was a very big help. He seemed very willing to go the extra mile to make sure I understood how things worked.

Alexander Blankenship
IT Administrator
Cason Home Loans - Serving Flint & Lapeer

Lutheran Homes of Michigan

I just wanted to say that Dale and Charlie did a great job installing the NEC SV8100 in our Livonia location. Not that I was surprised, as they are always great, but they really made the install seem smooth and were very accommodating to requests, changes, etc. I appreciate their support, and look forward to the next project.

There may still be a few small tweaks left, as we figure out a few things, but the end users also felt it was a seamless transition.

It makes the whole process feel a lot less like the massive amount of work it really is, when you deal with quality guys like they are.

Thank You for the support,
John Cesarz
Lutheran Homes of Michigan
Flint, Frankenmuth, Livonia, Monroe & Saginaw, MI

David Chapman Agency

We recently went through the process of upgrading our phone system. We had selected three vendors to bid on this project. Miranda Arens, with CTI, was one of them. Based on her recommendation, she took the time in the beginning of the process to talk to our department managers and staff to help identify all the communication needs within our company. Also during this process, she kept us informed of her findings. She then made technology based recommendations to fit our present and future needs.

David Chapman Agency was very impressed with CTI during the sales process and awarded them the new phone system project. Before we started the transition, we met with them and had all the expectations of the install planned out. The execution of the phone system upgrade was very smooth. They conducted classroom trainings for our staff prior to the replacement. Having the staff trained on the new NEC phone system made the transition painless.

We have had CTI out a few times since the install for follow up training and also some small programming adjustments. Their technical staff is very professional and very resourceful. We have enjoyed working with CTI and strongly recommend their services.

Jason E. Orton
David Chapman Agency
Lansing, MI


UAP would like to inform CTI how helpful your technician "Steve" has been. During our move Steve was quick to install our new phone system, has returned all calls immediately, and has made a point to stop by our office several times to do a "follow up". Steve has also taken the initiative to call our office periodically to see if we have any questions or issues that need to be addressed. He is continuously overextended himself to meet our companies' needs.

UAP is more than pleased with the service that we have received from CTI. Because of Steve's outstanding performance we are glad that we have chosen your company. Please feel free to use us as a reference for future prospective clients.

Ryan Sherman
Birch Run, MI

Old Newsboys

Thank you so much for your quick and quality installation of our new NEC phone system. It is being put to good use, especially at the time it was given to us. The September through December time of the year is our busiest. The new system saved us so much time and at least as much stress.

We want to express our appreciation, too, for the great pizza lunch you provided. It was so kind of you to do that. It was enjoyed by all! Old Newsboys, like other nonprofits, operates on a very tight budget. We receive hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the needy children of Genesee County. Every penny that is not critical to our operations is devoted to these children. We hope you realize the tremendous gift you have given us. You did not write a check. You, however, did sell us a quality smooth running phone system. Because you made our work easier, and installed a system that freed us to do other tasks that more directly help children, we feel you have given Old newsboys a wonderful gift. We are able to ultimately help more children.

This year we reached nearly 10,000 children. You played a role in that; and it is greatly appreciated.

Laurie Goff
Executive Director
Flint & Genesee County

C&L Ward Bros

We would like to communicate the complete satisfaction of our new NEC Aspire phone system that we had installed last year by CTI.

This investment into our business has worked out to be a wonderful decision. The voicemail integration into our e-mail inbox has significantly increased our employee's productivity and efficiency, allowing us to accomplish more each day with the same amount of people at each location.

In addition, the VOIP integration has allowed us to save over $10,000 per year in local and long distance charges. The new system will nearly pay for itself in a few years, and then it will start paying us back! I haven't found many business assets that can do this in such a short amount of time.

Also, please let all of the CTI employees involved with our project know that they made this a nearly seamless experience. Our employees found the training sessions extremely helpful in making the transition. Tell them to keep up the good work!

Thanks again for a great product and a job well done; I won't hesitate to recommend your services to fellow business owners.

Patrick Ward
Davison, MI

Smith Peabody and Stiles

On behalf of everybody at Smith Peabody Stiles thank you for the fabulous job you and the folks at CTI did on moving our NEC SV9100 phone system to the new building. As always, Jennifer did an outstanding job in solving all of the technical glitches in having our phones back up and running.

Please express our gratitude to all the folks at your company.

Thanks Again!
Jim Peabody
Fenton, MI

Security First

When our old Mitel system crashed late, last Monday afternoon, I thought to myself, "what are we going to do"? Security First had already decided to go with CTI, but not until mid February. I remember what you said to me when we signed the contract, which was if anything happened before the installation date to call you. Well I called. What happened next was amazing: Within an hour you and Charley Fowler were in our office setting up 11 analog lines to keep us going the rest of the day which was invaluable. By noon the following day you and your CTI "super team" were here to rewire, reprogram, set up phones and begin the training for our entire staff of 35 people. By Wednesday morning we had a complete phone system up and running.

Jeff, from soup to nuts you held true to your word. I need to compliment the professionalism and upbeat nature of your staff, who came through like champs for us. Jennifer, Jason, Tim, Charley, Sonya and Dale were patient, considerate and confident. They took on quite a few questions and concerns from my staff and handled them wonderfully. The feedback I received from all on the training was nothing but positive. Between you, Jennifer and Dale, my staff of 35 people thought the training to be quite detailed and very thorough. They walked away with a sense of confidence to use the system first time out. Dale made sure that he took time in each department after training to help people apply what they learned.

Jeff, I cannot thank CTI enough for what you did for us and how painless you and your staff made this transition. As with any "new" system there will be more questions and possibly some tweaking, however I can say with absolute confidence and pride that you have a "customer for life".

I would refer CTI to any company without hesitation!

Sandra Valdiserri
Operations Manager
Security First
Flint & Genesee Counties

Goyette Mechanical

CTI Communications has been our company's communications vendor since 1997. Since that time they have installed two major phone systems for us. The latest installation which was an upgrade to our existing phone system and internet connection was done in March of this year. The installation was done professionally and on time with no disruption to our daily business. The new phone system has multiple enhancements that have greatly improved our communications. One of the best features is that we were able to connect our Flint and Pontiac offices which gives us a vast improvement of communication internally, but also eliminated the need for a receptionist in one of the offices. CTI recommended that we move our phone line service to another provider which has provided a tremendous monthly savings on our phone bills. Because of the cost savings created by upgrading to improved technology, we are able to pay for the purchase of the new phone equipment through the savings.

Since 1997 CTI has also been our communications service company. We have a signed maintenance contract with CTI, which makes us a priority customer. Their response time is excellent and their technicians are very competent and care about our business needs. We are a very customer oriented company. CTI understand that it is critical to our company to have working phone lines 24 hours a day. On the few occasions our phone lines have been down we have always been able to rely on CTI to provide an alternate solution until the phone company has their issues resolved. We very much appreciate CTI's attention to customer service.

Jeff Allen and CTI have been very instrumental assisting our company with communication solutions for the last twelve years. I highly recommend CTI for your organization's communication needs.

Cherie' Goyette-Parks
Office Manager
Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, Detroit, Flint & Pontiac MI

Cummins Allison

I wanted to let you know what a happy customer I am today. I really like your technician ( Charlie) that worked with us today. He has taken very good care of us and stuck with us during the chaos of our move. He has worked very well with us setting up our new phone system and voicemail as well as setting up the network, running the lines and additional jacks that were needed.

The proposed solution is working out very well and seems to be exactly what we needed for our new location. I would not hesitate recommending your company and look forward to using you again at our other locations.

Darcy DeVore
Midwest Regional Manager
Madison Heights, MI

Lutheran Homes of Michigan

Just another instance of the helpfulness of your staff.

I had a problem this morning with AT&T (Do they think all people are dumb)? Anywho...I called Sheila and Charley just to make sure that I was giving AT&T the correct information so that they> could just do their job. I am not always sure of the wording that they will understand.

Charley is my technician interpreter.

Jeff, I can't tell you how many times Sheila and Charley have taken my calls and walked me through what I needed. They take the time even though I know that they are busy and in fact, Charley isn't even in the office and he called to help. I can't begin to tell you how reassuring that can be for someone like me who is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a technician. They have both been very patient with me and have talked me through many a problem. You guys rock!!

Jeff, thanks for allowing your staff to help me the way they do.

Lutheran Homes of Michigan
Flint, Frankenmuth, Livonia, Monroe & Saginaw, MI